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What is “Ginza Galleries” ?
 Ginza, the most cultural and sophisticated place in Tokyo's upscale areas, is also known as one of the biggest art districts in Japan. Ginza Galleries is a voluntary organization consisting of 37 galleries in the area. To support art and cultural activities, we host many art events such as gallery tours and special art festivals three times in every year.
 Also we hold collaborative art works with Chuo city's governmental programs and Ginza Shopping Streets Association.


 UNIQLO×GINZA GALLERIES collaboration items are now for sale at UNIQLO TOKYO in Ginza!!

Choose items; long/short sleeved shirt and two sized tote bags, and one logo from four types of Ginza gallery designed logo. You can customize size of the logo and have your own original item. Each items have embroidered logo ”! AMAZING GINZA !” or “! GO !.”

Go “UTme!” in UNIQLO TOKYO and enjoy it!



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 However it was once cancelled, GINZA ART NIGHT is being held online, now.

Each gallery's owner or staff tells you what to see at their exhibitions.

Images of the exhibitions are also available on the website.



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 It is pleasure to announce that Ryunosuke Nagai, senior board member of Ginza galleries will be on Today’s Chuo FM Broadcasting program Hello! RADIO CITY!

He will talk about Ginza Galleries and its events on AMAZING GINZA segment. The program starts from 12:00 and the airtime is one hour. The rerun will start from 6p.m of the same day.



​ Pedestrian zone in Ginza is reopened from 13 June, 2020, and UNIQLO TOKYO is set to open in Ginza 3 on 19 June. At the UNIQLO’s new global flagship store, collaboration T-shirt with shops with long history and hotels will be sold. You can choose each stores/hotels designed logo and print it on the T-shirt.


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