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Yoji Kumagai Exhibition
5.26 Wed.- 6.3 Thu.
11:00-19:00 会期中無休 5.28 は 20:00 まで
※ 土曜・日曜・最終日は17:00 まで
11:00-19:00 Open every day during the exhibition
11:00-17:00 Saturdays,Sundays and last day

“By focusing on each individual element of a picture, those elements will combine to form a complete world.” Yoji Kumagai believes that idea to be unique to Japanese culture and the essence of Japanese painting. This exhibition will introduce works by this unique artist, who continues to probe the hidden potential of Nihonga with both body and spirit.
SEIZAN Gallery
〒104-0061東京都中央区銀座5-14-16 銀座アビタシオン1F/ 凸2F
Ginza Habitation 1F/ 凸2F, 5-14-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku,Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan
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