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Carnal Daydreams
5.28 Fri.- 6.5 Sat.
11:00-18:00 会期中無休 5.28 は 20:00 まで
10:00-18:00 Open every day during the exhibition

A group exhibition featuring artists Tetsuya Mishima, Ryoko Kimura,daikichi, and Yusuke Nagata. This unprecedented mixture of works by an oli painter, nihonga painter, figurative sculptor, and photographer, each of whom possesses their own unique style, will focus on expressions dealing with male and female bodies, beckoning viewers into daydreams that blur the lines between fantasy and reality.
Art Gallery SHUKADO
〒104-0061東京都中央区銀座6-4-8 曽根ビル7F
mail :
Sone Bldg.7F, 6-4-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku,Tokyo,104-0061, Japan
web :
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