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彦坂naoyoshi ゾンビ芸術と美女絵画展
Hikosaka Naoyoshi — An Exhibition of Zombie Art and Paintings of Beautiful Women
5.24 Fri.- 6.5 Wed.
10:00-18:00 日曜休廊  5.24は21:00まで
Closed on Sundays
日本洋画を代表する画家による記念展。先代が独立前に勤めていたギャラリーでの「ブルーノ・サエッティ展」(1967) 以来のご縁。貴重な初期フレスコ画を中心に、鮮やかな色彩、 エネルギーに満ちた「薔薇」「富士」など。
Our anniversary exhibition will feature a show by one of Japan’s most prominent practitioners of youga (western painting). The show is the fruit of a long association that can be traced back to before the gallery’ s founding, when our founder met the artist at his exhibition, Bruno Saetti, in 1967. Visitors can expect to see rare early fresco works that depict motifs such as fresh roses or Mt. Fuji, all rendered with vibrant colors and overflowing energy.
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東京都中央区銀座 8-6-25 河北新報ビル5F

Kahokushinpo Bldg.5F, 8-6-25 Ginza, Chuo-ku,Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan
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