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彦坂naoyoshi ゾンビ芸術と美女絵画展
Hikosaka Naoyoshi — An Exhibition of Zombie Art and Paintings of Beautiful Women
5.24 Fri.- 6.5 Wed.
10:00-18:00 日曜休廊  5.24は21:00まで
Closed on Sundays
A new exhibition of AI-themed works by Hikosaka Naoyoshi, an artist who has been active on the front lines of contemporary art since the Bikyoto movement of 1969 and has earned international praise for works that forge a dialogue with the times and society at large. In this exhibition, Naoyoshi will question the overall meaning and significance of AI, in light of its rapid advancement in recent years and position as a spiritual symbol of our age.
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東京都中央区銀座 8-6-25 河北新報ビル5F

Kahokushinpo Bldg.5F, 8-6-25 Ginza, Chuo-ku,Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan
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