Xmas Art Festa 2017

The galleries are treasure houses of art where you can encounter various works of art. For those who are planning to visit Ginza, which is filled with a joyful atmosphere at Christmas time, for shopping and dining, we have some fun recommendations! For instance, how about looking around the works of art in Ginza as if you were casually selecting clothes and bags, and if you find something that really grabs you, how about purchasing a piece of artwork?
The galleries taking part in this Xmas Art Festa have a large variety of artistic creations ranging from works you can casually purchase to the highest and most perfect gems.
Why not embark on a new life surrounded by your favorite works and by art in its many manifestations?

Depend on the gallery's open hour

  • We will be holding our popular art event Art Soiree on 12.8 (Fri)